Protect your paint against winter weather

Protect your paint against winter weather

The temperatures a bit cooler in recent days, especially in the evening, remind us that we are moving indeed to the winter season. For car lovers like me, winter is definitely the time of year most boring and longest. I must say that I really like performing my travels driving a clean car with bodywork look great.

Once the cold weather coming, it is becoming increasingly difficult to wash and maintain the bodywork of his car regularly. Moreover, salt, calcium and gravel that we find on our roads are very damaging abrasives to paint our cars. Fortunately, more and more products are effective on the market to protect your body optimally.

A Quebec company in forefront

There are several ways to protect the luster of your paint against the Mother Nature escapades. My attention was recently drawn to a solution more and more popular among motorists from us: nanotechnology based sealers. These products are quickly gaining popularity and notoriety, so that several car manufacturers use them to give their vehicles an optimal protection and a high gloss finish to leave the factory.

The Quebec company Nanoprotex has become a leader in this field. To learn more about some very interesting products and forward-thinking, I spoke with Carol Giffard, chairman of this young company.

“The paint sealants that we distribute are in the form of a liquid spray. These are highly concentrated products and only a very small amount is needed to make the application on a complete car “says Giffard.

“Once the car body has been processed, the sealant creates an invisible protective barrier and prevents the various abrasives that we find on our roads in winter to penetrate the lacquer painting,” says the specialist in aesthetic automobile.

It must be said that in the long term, when the salt or calcium are embedded in the paint, corrosion may start the game.

“Compared to some conventional body protection solutions, our products have a long term effect that can vary between 8 and 24 months,” said Giffard.

Products adapted for our Quebec winters

“Our products create a hydrophobic effect and the water used for washing the pearl body and wipes easily. In addition, the treated surfaces are easier to clean when there are accumulations of snow or ice. Motorists are less likely to damage their vehicle by cleaning their snow brush, “adds the friendly businessman.

“Since our inception, we have done several tests under different conditions. Our sealers are specially designed to provide maximum protection to the body during our Quebec winters. Recently, we also brought to market a new product specifically designed to protect aluminum surfaces, “says Giffard.

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