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  • At Nanoprotex is to offer the best quality to our professionals but also offer the best professional treatment to customers that like the “Do It Yourself”.


Nanotechnology is to become the third revolution after the industrial boom and computers. Using nanotechnology, you apply a protective surface to the things that you want to protect. Nanoprotex’s nanoparticles measure about 50 millionths of a millimeter – and when you see our products they look just like clean water.

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Protect your paint against winter weather

The temperatures a bit cooler in recent days, especially in the evening, remind us that we are moving indeed to the winter season. For car lovers like me, winter is definitely the time of year most boring and longest. I must say that I really like performing my travels driving…

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About Us

Working in the industry of nanotechnology since 2007, developed and used by the most trusted professional in the automotive industry, Nanoprotex always pushing boundaries to constantly develop and improve the quality of their products.


Nanoprotex manufacturing meets the higher standard of the industry. The continuous improvement procedures make its products and manufacturing processes gain in quality and performance every year.


Nanoprotex products are highly advertised and enjoy unparalleled marketing advantages. We also offer launching programs with service and materiel support. Our experience in marketing has demonstrated the profitability of investments.

Although our company his more than renowned we offer the opportunity for our customers to enjoy a private labeling to improve their trademark.

Customers experiences

Nanoprotex provides a complete customer service. All our customers can reach our after-sales service team over online form.

Video, guide and online F.A.Q. are also available to improve the experience of our customers with our products. No questions remain unanswered.